Friday, January 26, 2018

I heard a sweet sound 
it was my old mothers’ voice,
a glimmer of happiness shone
but alas it was a dream.

As a tender melody played 
I remembered my childhood days,
I felt my mother’s kiss 
But it was just a dream.

She embraced me with much longing
As she wiped my wet eyes, 
But my tears would not stop
Ah why was it just a dream.

Poem written by S. Shahaziz
Translated from Armenian By 
Armineh Amirian Zohrabian

January 26, 2018

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Against Your Eyes

Against your eyes my eyes are sightless,
Your soul, an impenetrable gloom,
In your dark gaze a subtle lie,
Hiding you always a fine shroud… 

Closed is your heart and remote to me,
Tied forever to you yet a stranger too.
With insane pleasure I dote on you
And I love you and I don’t know you.

Closed is your heart and remote to me,
Against your eyes my eyes are sightless,
Hiding you always a fine shroud,
Who are you? Who? — I never know…

Translated from Armenian By
Armineh Amirian Zohrabian
Poem by Vahan Derian


Burry Me When...

Burry me, when the last red twilight fades
When the dying suns’ caresses
Sets the silvery mountaintops ablaze,
When land and sea are lost in darkness.

Burry me when the gloomy dusk is falling,
When the joyous  sounds of the day are hushed
When the sunbeams die, flowers slumber
When hills and fields vanish in darkness

Scatter wilting flowers on my grave
so they die in serenity and peace
Burry me without tears without words
Silence, silence, endless silence. 

Poem by Vahan Derian 1905
Translated From Armenian By
Armineh Amirian Zohrabian

Photo By Armineh A.Z.
August 4, 2017
Lake Sevan Armenian

Sunday, December 20, 2015


We are all nothing. 
Our Earth, all there is on the surface, beneath, in the oceans, 
All nothing.
All there is, is the cosmos. 
The galaxies, the stars, the infinite space, that’s all there is,
Vast and unreachable. 

We seek with our feeble instruments, with our minuscule knowledge 
Yet we still don’t comprehend.
We don’t know, who and what created it all, or why.
The Earth is just a speck of dust in this unbound universe. 

We are all nothing, all that came before us and all that will come after, 
Nothing, all so insignificant.  

Yet, humans have created civilizations, art, industries, knowledge, history.  
We know life is precious, alluring, fragile and fleeting but we still love it 
And cling to it. 
In our endless ways, we strive to give meaning to it.  
We create beauty, life, love and happiness.

We love our home,
 This magnificent Earth 

This blue planet.

December 20,2015
Armineh Zohrabian

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I Am Nowhere

I’m sitting here

Without my head

My hands cut off

My feet are gone

My heart torn from my chest

My blood is shed

I’m scattered

I’m here 

I’m there

I am nowhere 


Sunday, November 16, 2014


Before you came I loved her,
Like I love you now.
Her love filled my heart 
To overflowing, 
I was bursting with happiness. 

And then came you...
Sweet as wild honey,
Soft as silk.

Like a miracle 
My heart exploded again with unbound love
what utter fortune had befall me?

You are still a little human
But you are you, 
When you fancy something, 
You are fierce, adamant.
High spirited like your sister.
Bright and ernest
Fiery and irrepressible. 

I love all that you are
All that you will become
Always and forever
And absolute. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Music For My Soul

Music tugs at my heart, 
It brakes it.
Brings tears to my eyes
It pierces my soul. 
I fall to my knees
An idol worshiper.  
I regrat
I repent
My ignorance.
With music
I'm ecstatic
I feel alive 
I want to 
Run recklessly 
To drown 
In the waives 
In the torrent  
Of emotions that befall me.

Friday, January 17, 2014


Your smile was the sun
picking through the clouds
after rain.
Your shimmering eyes 
were the droplets 
on the rainbow.
Your hair was gold
your voice soft,
your parted lips
your wet smile,
the rising heat from your chest
setting fire to my tinderbox of a heart.