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Fooling myself fooling everyone faking a smile hiding in the mundane not looking in the mirror not wanting to face myself longing for solitude to hear myself breathe listen to the falling rain the fire crackling ice melting in the glass why the torture who cares? do I? needing to appease denying sincerity disowning serenity Living like a fool.


I'm turning the soil my body is weary, my legs like lead sweat dripping from my forehead gripping the shovel with callused hands digging the hard winter soil I'm tired and my arms hurt. Flowers are waiting to be planted spring is coming the soil is ready Make your plans take your trips fall in love sing your songs do your deeds jump from plains swim in waterfalls climb your Everest plant your flowers. All the things you dare dream about everything you care for when there is still time in the spring of your life before your body is old before your soul is tired if you don't you will regret and regrets are painful more painful than anything.