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Time 7:43 PM September 10, 2020

  Sometimes Time is going by so slowly Like,  OMG it’s only 7:43 PM Or I am so sleepy  And it’s only second period   Or It’s only May 5th And I’m so ready for Summer! Sometimes Time goes by  so fast  you get a whiplash  Like, Oh darn my vacation is over Or Wasn’t I just changing your diaper And now you're choosing colleges?  Sometimes It’s as if you don’t have enough of it Time I mean, Like  OMG it’s 6:00 PM and  No dinner? Or Do I have enough time To do all I must do All I want to do All that needs to be done Before I die? Sometimes I want time to go by fast Like when I’m in pain And sometimes I want time to slow down a bit So I can smell all the roses I want.

If I could

I thought of you I brought you to life I named you I gave you love I gave you myself. I can give you things Books, Clothes, Shoes, rings,  Ice cream, Trips to the beach To the mall Music,  Laughter Adventures  Memories Huggs Kisses. I will walk around the globe, Fly to the Moon, I will go down to the depths of The oceans, Climb the Himalayas, Swim in the Arctic.  I will do anything To bring you back, To bring you back to life, To give you back your life, To give you what you lost, To give you back What was stollen from you. I will give you my life If it could bring you back If it could make you whole If it meant you can live Your life. People who know me will know who this is about. For those of you who don't know, its about my daughter who got sick when she was a child and stayed a child.

Some Days

Drifting, drifting, aimlessly drifting  Like a feather that got away Drifting here and there  Resting softly anywhere Rising slowly  to fall down again Drifting for hours on end Resting here and there and everywhere To drift again, slowly, maddeningly all day.


I want to go to a mountain top and scream And scream and scream and scream I want to take a sledge hammer and strike  The rocks and shatter them all to smithereens  I want to pull on my hair  Collapse on the ground And weep and weep and weep I want to wrap my body in a black shroud Get on my knees  Go from here to the tallest mountain And cry  and wail and beg for mercy If there is a God maybe she takes Pity on us and stops this slaughter Maybe we need human sacrifices  Lets round up all the war mongers The people who have committed crimes against humanity Weapon makers, tyrants, dictatores Corrupters, polluters, perverts  And offer them to this God My heart is broken  Our hearts are broken We are all in mourning  For the thousands who have perished To this evil virus 


The sky is overcast with grey clouds It’s bitter winter in March Emotions like a weather bitten flag Torn, tattered, and and pale  I can’t make sense of this world We have turmoil, wars,  Displaced people allover  Fires and mudslides  Tornadoes and hurricanes  And like all of these weren’t enough Now we have a  killer among us We don’t see it, we don’t smell it We don’t know when it comes We are all in terror  And have no place to hide All the reasons making us unhappy Have paled in parity We are all holding our breath  Waiting for this storm to pass And corpses are piling up 

Maybe I Had Something Precious

Maybe I had something precious  I don’t know what Perhaps when I was wondering in the cosmos To find myself I dropped it in a black hole  Maybe my heart is missing I wouldn’t know I can hardly hear it beat Maybe I had a twin That was never born I’m missing something Intensely   I feel an enormous void Where my soul is supposed to be I’m longing profoundly For something unknown  I’m hurting From  emptiness  And I don’t know why.