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Just Breathe

A new planet was discovered It's not close, they never are I wish I could go there Make it my new home Just by myself All alone  In a planet like Earth No other human beings No other beings No countries No wars Just me No worries No to do lists Just me Just to breathe Just to exist I wounder How would it feel    

If there is God

You wanted me to believe in God You told me you love me Told me I've been punished For not believing You told me you love me  Yet you broke my heart. Would you come back to tell me What it's like?  Are you in heaven? Did you gaze upon your lost loves? Did they remember you? Do you think of me sometimes? Would you come back in a dream? As a spirit A phantom As a breeze A gust of wind? Come back and tell me Make me a believer Give me the light If you can, if you would, If there is God.