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I Dreamt Of My Mother

In my dream I saw Ani, I saw my late mother too. I hugged her like a child,  And I kissed her. Ah, mother I said, I’m very sick, I’m without hope, I said, I have a wound incurable And the misery of the world. The mind is powerless, the will uncertain Love a fallacy a fantasy Destiny is evil, life without meaning Death an unending fright I am tired mother, I need to rest I don’t want to feel or think. Mother mother please undress me Cover me so I can sleep.  The whole world is a nightmare, An insane delirium, Man is but a shadow, effort is useless, Every step closer to death… Ani is a ruined medieval Armenian City Now in Turkey  Ani was also the diminutive of ancient goddess Anahit who was seen as the mother protector of Armenia. It was also called The city of 1001 churches. Poem By Avedik Isahakian Translated from Armenian by Armineh Amirian Zohrabian

Autumn Flowers

Flowers of autumn Delicate and sad Trembling and shy  In the empty fields In your doleful eyes There are tears A belated dream  In your velvety hearts Soon the wind will blow And bring the snow You will die unlived Flowers of autumn Poem by Avedik Isahakian 1921 Translated From Armenian By Armineh Amirian Zohrabian