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I miss you mom. It's been too long  You don't even come to my dreams. Were you simply too tired? Are you happy now that you are gone? I want to remember you happy With your blue eyes smiling like when I came to visit When you had bought something pretty. Did I tell you that I loved you, enough? I hope you are with dad Is he making you laugh? Hope to see you again mom. I hope to see you again.


I ought to write something to express myself to write is to think thinking is what makes me feel human like I exist I should not ramble but that is all I have my mind, a jumble of incoherent thoughts I think of time, how fast it scape's I fear of dying with an unfinished life to die young is tragic but to die old, yet unlived is a catastrophe I measure life in accomplishments these days you can be nothing, short of brilliant in anything You cant just be good you have to be god even in madness you have to be spectacular you see, life is so difficult.