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I Dreamt Of My Mother

In my dream I saw Ani, I saw my late mother too. I hugged her like a child,  And I kissed her. Ah, mother I said, I’m very sick, I’m without hope, I said, I have a wound incurable And the misery of the world. The mind is powerless, the will uncertain Love a fallacy a fantasy Destiny is evil, life without meaning Death an unending fright I am tired mother, I need to rest I don’t want to feel or think. Mother mother please undress me Cover me so I can sleep.  The whole world is a nightmare, An insane delirium, Man is but a shadow, effort is useless, Every step closer to death… Ani is a ruined medieval Armenian City Now in Turkey  Ani was also the diminutive of ancient goddess Anahit who was seen as the mother protector of Armenia. It was also called The city of 1001 churches. Poem By Avedik Isahakian Translated from Armenian by Armineh Amirian Zohrabian

Autumn Flowers

Flowers of autumn Delicate and sad Trembling and shy  In the empty fields In your doleful eyes There are tears A belated dream  In your velvety hearts Soon the wind will blow And bring the snow You will die unlived Flowers of autumn Poem by Avedik Isahakian 1921 Translated From Armenian By Armineh Amirian Zohrabian

Colors of My Brain

I’m coloring my brain, I’ve taken out my brain from my skull It’s hung in front of me like a canvas And I’m just adding colors  That I think are befitting.  I color the speech region verdant green, The memory part should be purple  dark and brooding.  The emotions are watery blue Infantile and undeveloped. The logic is steel gray hard and unwavering, The creative right side is like a broken mirror Shattered in a thousand pieces . The sympathy part is raw blood color. This painting is crazy, It’s crazy like my brain, Like my mind, Like me.

Still Mourning

Something is sitting on my chest,  Something heavy, I can't see it, I can't touch it I just feel it all day long All night long. Some mornings I wake up  Expecting it to be gone But it never leaves.  I shouldn't be surprised  I don't even remember  When it landed  on my chest. There are moments  When I cry,  After a long reflection,  The weight become a little less  Oppressing f or a few days. Then it comes back  again With its heavy embrace.  Now the truth  I know why this thing is here I know when it sat on my chest I know it will never go away Because nothing will change back After everything changed forever.

My Sweet Armenia

Mount Ararat or Siss & Massis August 2017 Yerevan Armenia by Armineh Amirian Zohrabian My Sweet Armenia I Love my sweet Armenia’s sunbaked words, The mournful weeping chords of our old lute I love, The bleeding flowers and the perfumed roses I love, And the gracious dance of the Armenian maidens I love. I love our dusky skies, sparkling waters and brilliant lakes, The summer sun and the howling winter blizzards, The uninviting walls of huts lost in darkness, And the ancient cities millennium stones I love. Wherever I go I won’t forget our mournful songs, I won’t forget our iron plate books of prayers, However sharp our bleeding wounds stab my heart, Still my orphaned and scorched Armenia I love. In my yearning heart there is no other legend, There are no philosophers like Narekatsi and Koochak, Search the whole world there is no white summit like Ararat, Like an unreachable path to glory our mountain Massis I love.

Blue, Blue, Blue

B  L  U  E,   B  L  U  E,   B  L  U  E If I could just sit here, Calm,  Silent,  Free, Looking at the ocean Vast,  Bottomless,  Deep  Blue Blue Blue… For as long as I lived Or forever I would. If I was lucky at all, I could lie here, On my back, On the warm sand, And look up  At the sky, Expansive, Unfathomable, Infinite, Blue Blue Blue… I would not tire Ever Our sky is blue The universe The cosmos All blue Blue Blue Blue Armineh Amirian Zohrabian

You Are Everything

You Are Everything You are my Sun You are my moon You are my air You are my tune You are my dance You are my song You are my chance My native tongue  You are my water You are my cloud you are my daughter You are my pride You make me laugh You make me sing You make me cry You make me live 04-19-1995

My Ethereal Spirit

I'm your knight in shining armor, I’ll vanquish demons Real or imagined. Hush my beloved, Close your fearful eyes  You shall see no shadows  lurking. Rest your head on your pillow  let yourself drift into slumber, I’ll stand guard by your bedside All night. Dream in peace my darling, I’ll protect you from all evil , Nothing shall harm you, Sleep tightly my dear one.  I’ll be with you all my life  to hold your hand, caress your brow , kiss your sweet face, sleep with no fear  I am here. My innocent My angel  My ethereal spirit. To My Daughter