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We Stand

We stand, quivering Facing the winds Our defense Our branches Flexible, spreading Raised to the heavens. Our hard trunks Gnarled with age Scarred, bent. We bow to life's Relentless lashing Swiping the ground Like Weeping Willows Begging the gods For mercy. We endure We break We lose limbs Yet we stand  Come rain Hurricane Lightening We stand facing the winds 

Just Breathe

A new planet was discovered It's not close, they never are I wish I could go there Make it my new home Just by myself All alone  In a planet like Earth No other human beings No other beings No countries No wars Just me No worries No to do lists Just me Just to breathe Just to exist I wounder How would it feel    

If there is God

You wanted me to believe in God You told me you love me Told me I've been punished For not believing You told me you love me  Yet you broke my heart. Would you come back to tell me What it's like?  Are you in heaven? Did you gaze upon your lost loves? Did they remember you? Do you think of me sometimes? Would you come back in a dream? As a spirit A phantom As a breeze A gust of wind? Come back and tell me Make me a believer Give me the light If you can, if you would, If there is God. 

Let The Ligt in

Need to cleanse my life, Mind, Spirit. It’s time to end This aimlessness Senseless being Drifting Weightless Ungrounded life. I need to cast away the shadows The doubts The anguish. I need to open the windows Let the light in Embrace love, life, And redemption.


A small cell Dark, cold, bare… A small vent that lets a faint light in. A rumbling sound coming from far far away… Getting closer and closer Suddenly, A crashing BOOM A big bolder chokes the small hole Leaving only a sliver of light. The battering sound is deafening Rocks fall tumbling down Utterly closing the vent.   And then There is total darkness… Dirt pours in filling every craves The air thick with dust. Suffocation is slow, numbing,  Clouding the mind… There is nothing to see, To breathe, To think. Death comes As a last peaceful blessing.           


Life If life throws punches at you, You spring back up if you are grounded   If the winds of fortune blow you off course You find your way if you have a goal   You find the truth amid the lies if you have never been lied to You forgive easily if you have known forgiveness You take the high road when people are petty When you know benevolence You love all people if you are loved. But sometimes you want to stay down and cry And sometimes you want to stay lost Sometimes you believe the lies because the truth hurts Often it’s hard to forgive evil When hurt by petty you sink down low to hurt back And some people just don’t deserve to be loved I’m tired of standing up Of choosing the righteous path I want to forget reality and escape to a fantasy world I want to strike back like a venomous snake To punch below the belt And show my hatred to those who deserve

Super Nova

SUPER NOVA You came on the wings of an angel Soft, pink, and lovely   Your big dark eyes wise Your innocent smile knowing. You filled our hearts with unimaginable Tenderness and love. Your little perfect hands reaching For our fingers to grasp. You slept on our breasts trusting We won’t move until you wake.   You came to bring us giggles That resonates like bells. You brought sunshine to all our days. You love with abundant And we go wild with happiness. We orbit around you Like you are the Sun.             You are a blessing We dare we deserve. You have become the air We need to breathe. You are life You are light You are love…