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I Cry For God

I feel like crying… I am crying… I could cry forever & ever until I die. My heart heavy with pain  Breaking,  for the children Of  Syria Yemen  Iraq South Sudan For all children in war torn countries across the world. Children lost Children orphaned  Bombed, drowned,  Killed, starved. I cry for countless mothers  Who lost their babes, I cry for fathers  Who lost their sons, Their daughters, Their lives. I could cry forever and ever For women and girls  Tortured  Maimed Burned Raped  I cry. I cry For humanity For brutality of people  Against the weak The disabled  The innocent. Where is the fury of men? Where is the wrath of God? I cry for men For women And God.

Not A Love Letter

I loved you all once. I hate you all now. I won't, I  can’t,  go back  To the innocent self I was then, Loving, forgiving, benevolent. You were wolves in sheep’s clothing. You abused my love And injected hate in my heart. I needed your love then, But I don’t need it anymore. I don’t need you anymore For anything. You are insignificant, irrelevant,  Dead to me now. I don’t want your kisses, I don’t want your hellos You can say goodbye forever. Now I am whole I don’t need you anymore.