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The sky is overcast with grey clouds It’s bitter winter in March Emotions like a weather bitten flag Torn, tattered, and and pale  I can’t make sense of this world We have turmoil, wars,  Displaced people allover  Fires and mudslides  Tornadoes and hurricanes  And like all of these weren’t enough Now we have a  killer among us We don’t see it, we don’t smell it We don’t know when it comes We are all in terror  And have no place to hide All the reasons making us unhappy Have paled in parity We are all holding our breath  Waiting for this storm to pass And corpses are piling up 

Maybe I Had Something Precious

Maybe I had something precious  I don’t know what Perhaps when I was wondering in the cosmos To find myself I dropped it in a black hole  Maybe my heart is missing I wouldn’t know I can hardly hear it beat Maybe I had a twin That was never born I’m missing something Intensely   I feel an enormous void Where my soul is supposed to be I’m longing profoundly For something unknown  I’m hurting From  emptiness  And I don’t know why.