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The Sunshine On My Face Feels Good

 Grave of my favorite Armenian poet Vahan Derian Yerevan Armenia  Life is beautiful, I know With the sun rising  And glorious sunsets Ending each day Alas, I want to go away. The sunshine on my face feels good  The sky is so blue and vast  I’ll never tire looking at it But I want to melt away. There are those whom I love so I can hold them forever in my eyes  I know I will hurt them most Yet I want to slip away  I love babies and kittens  The rain and snow I love flowers and green rivers Shiny apples and butterflies  I Still want to fade away Everything around is painful to see   humanity is in misery  so many die senselessly  Compassion is lost Human rights are trampled on No heroes around  No divine intervention  No miracles left  I just want to hide away. Let the sun shine brightly  Let the moon be immense and near The oceans can make music  with crashing waives  the birds can sing love songs All day