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The Year 2021

I’m sad summer is ending  I don’t like fall and winter I went to the beach only once Not nearly enough  Like million other people  I’ve been a prisoner In my own house By Covid-19 Days have stretched long and lonesome  The monotony turning our lives into swamp We all thought the year 2020 was bad But in 2021 we’ve had more deaths  Fires, foods, hurricanes and earthquakes Someone is testing us But we endure  Like we have endured for 130,000 years There have always been wars, famines, plagues All kinds of catastrophes  But we go on Amidst all the misery and woes  Individuals may fall But humankind lives on

Gray Haze

  I sit here day after day Grapple with myself  Refusing to do anything Useful Meaningful  Worthwhile. My thoughts are like a jumble of Multicolor yarn left over from Long ago when it made sense To knit. I’ve been missing human contact People, friends, family, strangers Voices, words, long sentences that make Perfect sense.  I don’t like this hall of mirrors  Where everywhere I look I see myself Only distorted Shattered  Broken  Muted I’m floating in a gray haze Nothing to focus your mind on  Nothing to walk towards   Nothing to aim for Just an endless haze.