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We are all nothing.  Our Earth, all there is on the surface, beneath, in the oceans,  All nothing. All there is, is the cosmos.  The galaxies, the stars, the infinite space, that’s all there is, Vast and unreachable.  We seek with our feeble instruments, with our minuscule knowledge  Yet we still don’t comprehend. We don’t know, who and what created it all, or why. The Earth is just a speck of dust in this unbound universe.  We are all nothing, all that came before us and all that will come after,  Nothing, all so insignificant.   Yet, humans have created civilizations, art, industries, knowledge, history.   We know life is precious, alluring, fragile and fleeting but we still love it  And cling to it.  In our endless ways, we strive to give meaning to it.   We create beauty, life, love and happiness. We love our home,  This magnificent Earth  This blue planet. December 2