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June bug

This need, this bitterness that's choking me, I can't explain. arid and cold, vast empty space  a cave drafty and dark where my life was.  Like a little June bug in the pool I've stopped struggling while secretly thinking   there yet may be hope I'm fooling myself There is no grand pool skimmer  Its sunny outside my cave has no heat.     


At the horizon, behind the mist Mountains Picking out here and there, Sable, steel and powdery gray. Sky is bathed in shades of blue Shimmering white A dusting of sun light. The sky is amazing, astonishingly, Breathtakingly Beautiful. The skies make me question Why man needs to copy nature, When we are so sadly inapt. Paintings, photos Man made snow and grass, Indoor tropics So hideous and unreal, Why even try... Look up at the sky Go to the beach and gaze Sit on the riverbank Pick any flower And just let your spirit Be rapt. Let the essence of this grandeur Let pure blessed nature, Lift your soul.

The Home of Hip-Hop

Eight AM.  Any day of any week. Going 80 on the 210.  Her fingers trying to find  A song that she can relate. But all there is, is sex. Adolescent boys singing  About their perceived powers, Girl's booties, conquests and  Their hollow egos. There are no more songs like, "Imagine"  "I don't Want to Miss A Thing", Or "Crazy". It's a material world. World of bling   bling and  & Bentleys Diamond crusted crosses On people who have forgotten The man who was crucified.  Now there are more singers, songwriters Than anyone would care to know A few worth a dime Fewer yet worth remembering. We have arrived  In her world  Where the innocent is cast aside  for being different.       

Talk to me

Talk to me,  Like you've never talked To your lover Your friend  Your mother Yourself. I will not judge  you I will not turn my back on you I will look straight in your eyes And I'll tell you,  That y ou are human. If you want, we can cry together You can tell me what hurts you And I will kiss you Like a sister.  We can laugh. You can forget all the games others play You can stop pretending  When we are together. You can be your true self I will still love you. We are all born into this world innocent People who gain From wearing a mask Corrupt us And we forget our identity. I will take you back  To the beginning When you were pure and wholesome When a smile was just that, a smile And a kind word didn't have an expectation. Let me love you to healing Let me kiss you like a mother Let me remind you That you have the right to be unique