Lifetime of Questions

It takes a long time to become self aware
Just to know where you are in life
To know who you are, 
Where you came from
And where your headed. 

You ask yourself 
Whats my mission, my goal,
Must I have one?
Is it worth to strive for
To spend my lifetime on?

At some point in your journey 
You discover 
There are oceans of knowledge to learn
Will you have time, should you even try?
There is no rational answer.

At first, it seems finding love is a child’s play
Then after countless heartbreaks
You stop looking, hoping
Or you settle.

Then the questions become more urgent,
Whats the most fundamental factor in life?
What values are paramount?
Will I find them?
Do I need them?
If I find my answers?
Will that make me happy?

Am I happy?
Am I fulfilled?
Who said happiness is important?
Can I be happy when millions are miserable?
Why do humans exist?
Is there a divine purpose?
What will our end be?

It takes a life time in human years
To struggle with these questions,
Never finding answers
And in a moment your time’s up

And then 
You die.


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