Wednesday, September 04, 2013


My little darling
My treasured gem
My Nova.
I know you are not mine,
You belong to no one,
You are your own 
Lord and master.      
Like a beautiful Mustang
Free spirited and wild
Yet so refined. 
Even at your tender age
You are precocious 
But wide eyed
Hungry for learning.
You can spin tales
better than Disney   
Whose princess stories fascinate you so.
Skyrocket my little star,
But don't change,
Stay free.
Don't ever let anyone or anything
Corral the Mustang in you.  
Hunger and thirst 
For wisdom and knowledge.
What god bestowed the gift
That is you, on me?
Every time I see you
I become richer
At peace. 

My love for you is immeasurable.

Purple is Nova's favorite color.