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I Am A tree

Could I be a tree? To stand silently, My roots drinking life, In the dark damp earth. Just an eyewitness? Showing no passion? Swaying in the wind Bending to and fro in assent or dissent? Would I be happy just to look majestic? Bare my branches and soul every autumn?
Could I be a swallow flying high? Making a new nest each spring? To leave it empty and broken each fall? Teaching my offspring to fly To never see them again?
Could I be a river, twisting and turning? Around each rock, each mountain? Rushing to the sea to become whole And loose myself?
I am a tree, A swallow, A river.
I bare my soul in the winter of life Rushing to the abyss Losing love, losing myself To become one with nature…

Armine Amirian Zohrabian
February 21, 2013

Do Noritz Yegel Es Inch Anem?

You came back again, what shall I do? I’ve loved your spirit so, You've bound me with your endless gaze And enchanted me with your allure.
I loved you for so very long, And secretly cried for you, Love you? Love you to what end? My eyes are misty even now.
You don’t know what to do, who to love You’re wild, a wild heavenly girl I loved you like a crazy fool But I never had love from you
You’re crazy, a crazy girl, but now You’ve come back again, what shall I do? I’ve become an unwilling crazy too. I'll love you again, what else can I do? My eyes are drowned in tears still.

Lyrics by: Dev
Music by: Nicole Galanderian
Translated from Armenian by:
Armine Amirian Zohrabian
February 20, 2013

Mara Bebbos or Kiss me

Kiss me, Kiss me for the last time. God keep you unharmed I’m going to my destiny.  Our spring has passed, What‘s past is past. I’m going in search of fate Into the storms Risking life Through the tempest I’ll go.

I have a tryst At midnight With my lover To set ablaze the mountain tops. I will journey this dark night Will pass many dark roads.
Look my blossom Don’t mourn for me. Beautiful girl, I will be your guest tonight I’ll be with you So you can put your lips on mine.
bewitching girl, The spark in your eyes, The tears in your eyes Will light my way tonight. Kiss me Kiss me one last time.

Translated from Farsi
By Armine Amirian Zohrabian