Friday, September 11, 2009

Dusty Memories

It's noon and the sunlight is white
The heat hanging still
cool sheets smelling like lavender
the air fragrant with
cigarette smoke and tea
my mom is taking a siesta
forcing me to lay by her side
but the Summer day is so full of promise
I can't sleep
I crawl soundlessly out of her reach
then spring to my feet and run
clutching my doll, mumbling sweet love
I'm the momma now
strolling in my childhood garden
drunk with happiness and smell of Jasmin
I'm free

Monday, September 07, 2009

Why Do I Love Thee

Maybe it's because you were conceived with passion
with pent up longing of separation
maybe because you were my offering
to the alter of love
maybe I love you because
you will carry us through generations
because you have his logic & my fire
I love you because you are pure unspoiled unique
You are love
My love

Blackstone Merlot

I love red wine
after a few glasses
I even love myself
I'm forgiving
I'm kind
I become philosophical
and forgive every one's offense's
no one is mean tonight
no harsh words spoken
only cressing complements
My husband of thirty four years
is dashing
my reflection on the wine bottle is
I should drink red wine
more often.