Friday, December 19, 2008


When the pomegranate tree in my back yard
Comes to life in March
The first things you see
are the reluctant buds on delicate branches
The reddish green leafs come in
become greener and greener
as the Spring goes on.
Soon the little red flowers are in bloom
looking like small old lady coin purses
The flowers become the fruit
Intense blood red
that grow and grow .
If not picked
They burst
or fall to the ground with a big thud
splashing blood and seeds around.
In an old Armenian folk song it says,
"Two brides are bathing in the river,
their bodies shimmer in the sun
like pomegranate seeds, translucent"
People made beautiful poetry even amidst misery.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Another night like many others
When sleep has fled my eyes
Telling me to stay awake until I promiss
To have happy dreams
Even my eyes know
They are afraid of the nightmares
That ambush as soon as I close my eyes
They refuse to shut
It's better to watch TV
Movies are not as scary as real life.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

I cup my hands and take a handful of water 
wishing I was at the beach
I let it pour out through my fingers
feeling caressed
I'm sitting by the pool, dipped my feet
both the water and the hot sun sparkling
I like blue
Everything could be blue
cold cool fresh 
I need something
Don't know what
I have not found it yet
It's not in my backyard
it's not at the beach    

Saturday, July 12, 2008


  I'm Depressed
So what
I don't care
Sleep sleep sleep
Sit and stare and stare
Think unceasing
Like seeing a movie
In your head
Black and white
No ending no beginning
Playing games on line
For hours and hours
What's the point
Sitting in a crowd
Felling lonely
Feeling like crying
When everyone is laughing
Not talking
Not eating
Not bathing
Hating everything
So very tired.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I am dirt...

Life is a river 
I'm a stone among millions...
sliding along
in the rush
I go where it takes me
through the meadows
into the jungle
over the mountains 
diving underground
hurling down a fall 
powerless and passive
in the mercy of the mighty river
grinding me incessantly
rounding my edges
surrendering my cast 
making me obey
more and more
I become a pebble
same as all the rest
until I become a grain of sand 
until I turn to dirt
I am dirt
in the bottom of the sea.

Friday, April 11, 2008

June bug

This need, this bitterness
that's choking me, I can't explain.
arid and cold, vast empty space 
a cave drafty and dark
where my life was. 
Like a little June bug in the pool
I've stopped struggling
while secretly thinking  
there yet may be hope
I'm fooling myself
There is no grand pool skimmer 
Its sunny outside
my cave has no heat. 

Sunday, April 06, 2008


At the horizon, behind the mist
Picking out here and there,
Sable, steel and powdery gray.
Sky is bathed in shades of blue
Shimmering white
A dusting of sun light.
The sky is amazing, astonishingly,

The skies make me question
Why man needs to copy nature,
When we are so sadly inapt.
Paintings, photos
Man made snow and grass,
Indoor tropics
So hideous and unreal,
Why even try...

Look up at the sky
Go to the beach and gaze
Sit on the riverbank
Pick any flower
And just let your spirit
Be rapt.
Let the essence of this grandeur
Let pure blessed nature,
Lift your soul.

The Home of Hip-Hop

Eight AM. 
Any day of any week.
Going 80 on the 210. 
Her fingers trying to find 
A song that she can relate.
But all there is, is sex.
Adolescent boys singing 
About their perceived powers,
Girl's booties, conquests and 
Their hollow egos.
There are no more songs like,
"I don't Want to Miss A Thing",
Or "Crazy".
It's a material world.
World of bling bling and  & Bentleys
Diamond crusted crosses
On people who have forgotten
The man who was crucified. 
Now there are more singers, songwriters
Than anyone would care to know
A few worth a dime
Fewer yet worth remembering.
We have arrived 
In her world 
Where the innocent
is cast aside 
for being different.



Thursday, April 03, 2008

Talk to me

Talk to me, 
Like you've never talked
To your lover
Your friend 
Your mother
I will not judge  you
I will not turn my back on you
I will look straight in your eyes
And I'll tell you, 
That you are human.

If you want, we can cry together
You can tell me what hurts you
And I will kiss you
Like a sister. 
We can laugh.
You can forget all the games others play
You can stop pretending 
When we are together.
You can be your true self
I will still love you.

We are all born into this world innocent
People who gain
From wearing a mask
Corrupt us
And we forget our identity.
I will take you back 
To the beginning
When you were pure and wholesome
When a smile was just that, a smile
And a kind word didn't have an expectation.

Let me love you to healing
Let me kiss you like a mother
Let me remind you
That you have the right to be unique
To be you.
You have a beautiful soul 
Just let it be
Just be. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Reality of Death

In my logical moments
Death is liberating,
A permanent vacation
From pain,
From responsibilities.
It's cleansing.
It's solitude,
It's even romantic.
But in reality
Death is ugly
Even grotesque
It's undignified
Cold and crass
It's melancholy
Death is the damnedest thing.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


What are we?
Grains of sand on the beach?
Millions, billions, trillions of us
All of us the same, all of us
In the mercy of the tide 
Gentle at times, but 
Crushing and powerful 
Beyond our shallow imagination
Drifting, drifting night & day 
In a cycle of minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades, centuries   
Through eternity..... 
When did it start 
When is it ending 
The ambitious and brave of the grains
Try to know
To think they are somehow different 
Able, wise 
It's funny
Sometimes I hear laughter